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At John Charcol, their expert team of independent mortgage advisors are available to help you find the right mortgage for you.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages


Re-mortgaging could save you money on your existing deal or be adapted to suit your current financial circumstances so you could make more overpayments for example. It could also be used to take the equity out of your house to help pay for wedding costs or your children's university fees or even consolidating your debts.

If your a first-time buyer, independent mortgage advice can be crucial in helping you secure your first home. Independent mortgage advisors can help you through all the legal complexities that come with buying a home, help maximise your income to improve your chances of securing your dream property, while finding the best deal available on the market.

If planning to invest property, 

buy-to-let mortgages differ from traditional mortgages in that interest rates as well as the necessary deposits required are higher. With the current change in Government legislation on buy-to-let mortgages and tax deductions it is wise to seek proper help from expert mortgage advisors like John Charcol, to help secure the right investment.

First Time Buyer

Access to the best deals on the market

If you go to your bank and apply for a mortgage it is in their interest (and more so the in-house mortgage advisors) to sign you up to one of their current deals, which may not be necessarily be the best deal for you. Being independent mortgage experts, John Charcol are not tied to certain lenders and can help find you the best deals on the market. In addition, at John Charcol they have Exclusive mortgages only for their customers - making the best mortgage deals better.  

From off-plan to your dream home, John Charcol has all the expertise you need


Every mortgage application is different, with everybody having a different set of needs and requirements. John Charcol prides itself on adapting its service around what you want to achieve taking the hassle out of the application process. Their independent mortgage experts work with you every step of the way to make the process as stress free as possible, taking care of the finer details so you don't have to.

What to look for in a mortgage advisor?



Going direct through your bank or estate agent, can leave you vulnerable and at risk of getting a bad deal. Independent mortgage advisors can recommend mortgages from various lenders across the market. John Charcol has access to hundreds of products across the whole market, including many exclusive deals so you can rest assured you are getting the best deal. 

By using independent mortgage advisors, they are able to hand-pick the best mortgages and negotiate 

the best rates on your behalf, saving you money. 

John Charcol have been arranging mortgages since 1974 and in 2015, handled more than 2bn of mortgage applications alone. They understand the intricacies of the mortgage market and the factors that influence it, to make your money work for you.

Their knowledge, support, advice and professionalism from start to finish was outstanding and it is my belief that without them we simply would have not have moved and would still be buried in details with solicitors and estate agents.

James Eaton (John Charcol Customer)

As times change, more and more people are working in a freelance or self-employed capacity. With lenders typically looking for 2 years worth of accounts to highlight your income, lenders are adjusting to this trend and John Charcol can help you secure the necessary deal depending on your employment status.

Specialist mortgage needs


New build

Commerical Mortgages can provide their own unique set of problems, with the potential need for Bridging or Development Finance. At John Charcol they have years of experience in dealing with Commerical properties and with their contacts and expertise, they take the hassle out of finding funding for developments and commercial purposes which is available on the market, but maybe hard to find by individuals.

If you're buying off-plan and may need a mortgage offer to last longer than usual, you may need help with finance or because you're using a government scheme, talk to John Charcol first, who have specialist knowledge in understanding your needs and sourcing the best available deal from lenders who have designed suitable products


Whether is helping you overcome the complexities of the London market, or needing a mortgage advisor for Birmingham or Southampton, John Charcol has all the necessary expertise and experience of helping customers with their mortgages nationwide.




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